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Top Tips for Rose Pruning

Rose pruning season is one of the biggest, and my most favourite job in winter. In our cool climate, we recommend holding off until August/September.

The reason for doing this is that whilst roses are super robust, our winters are fraught with frost & new growth will inevitably be affected.

Roses can withstand the damage however instead of putting energy into strong growth & lots of flowers, the plant will be putting most of its energy into recovering from the frost.

Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your gorgeous roses.

  • CLEAN, SHARP SECATEURS are a must.

  • AIM FOR A VASE-SHAPED BUSH Remove any inward-facing and crossing branches. Remove diseased, damaged and dead wood. Cut back to an outward-facing bud on young growth.

  • CLEAR AROUND THE BASE OF THE ROSE Remove fallen leaves and rose cuttings as these can harbour diseases.

  • PRUNE HARD Don’t be afraid to cut back hard. This will encourage more growth and flowers.

  • FERTILISE WITH NEUTROG SUDDEN IMPACT FOR ROSES This will set your roses up well for the growing season as well as encourage more blooms.

  • DO NOT COMPOST CUTTINGS This may spread pests and disease. Put them in the bin or burn them in your fire pit.

  • MULCH WITH ORGANIC SUGAR CANE OR EQUIVALENT This will help keep soil temperatures even, moisture in, & suppress weeds whilst also adding important organic matter as the mulch breaks down.


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