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Summer jobs for your Garden 🌺

Welcome to our first Newsletter!


We’ve had a mammoth spring with significant growth in the garden. Summer sees this mad flush slow down to a more manageable pace so we can enjoy the warmer weather (fingers crossed!🤞🏻) and get on top of a few of the bigger jobs.


Mulch beds


Mulching is one of THE BEST things you can do for your garden. Not only does spreading a thick layer (at least 8 cm) of mulch help with weed suppression, it also assists with moisture retention, soil temperature, microbial activity, plus it will break down over time adding important organic matter to your soil. It also just looks really great. 


We recommend using organic sugar cane, pea straw or lucerne mulch (the latter two will also add nitrogen to your soil). Or for larger areas or native beds, you can use a fine wood chip. Be careful of the type of wood chip used as it can alter the pH of the soil. If in doubt, talk to your local supplier or horticulturist. 

Pete mulching  😊


Prune hedges


Give hedges a light prune, tidy up topiary and shape bushes. Pruning regularly encourages denser foliage and a tighter shape. 


Feed vegetables


Use a liquid fertiliser (such as seasol or watered down worm wee) every couple of weeks on leafy greens. 


Deadhead roses


This will encourage new growth and continuous blooms on repeat flowering roses.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Avid Gardeners

A local collaboration between The Avid Gardener and the fabulous Stacey from Our Town Candles, this gorgeous gardeners candle was inspired by the Australian bush.

Made for the Little Avid Gardener in your life,

this fabulous tool set is made with quality metal and boasts strong handles for robust garden

work! These will not break with the first turn

of the soil. 

As a pruner of roses virtually all my life, I had come to the conclusion that the inevitable sting of thorns was just something to accept as a price to pay for having stunning roses in the garden.  Then along come the Rose Bee glove!


Download our FREE colouring-in sheets for your kids these holidays...

Thank you for your support this year, Pete & Hen xx




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